Jackie Randall, Cavender’s Vice President Of Merchandise & Planning.……

With the sudden onset of COVID-19 across America, the impact throughout the entire Western industry has been substantial. From closed doors to cancelled events and exploded marketing plans, the crisis has had an effect in every far reaching corner. COWGIRL wanted to explore the impact by asking three simple questions to women who not only live, but work the Western way of life:

  • What did you do to continue being productive in the face of COVID-19 shut downs?
  • What is the most positive effect of your efforts to adapt to the restrictions?
  • What is the most negative result these shut downs had on you?

One of the industry leaders that we spoke with was Jackie Randall, Cavender’s VP of Merchandise and Planning.

JR: “With hope and promise for tomorrow, our Cavender’s team continues to find ways to manage the ever-changing COVID-19 situation.  Since we are deemed ‘essential’ workplace, our customers continued to seek us out for their urgent safety footwear, FR and workwear clothing, and other Western lifestyle apparel and boots.

“The confirmation that in challenging times, the entire Cavender’s team has an unwavering commitment to take care of each other, our customers, and the Cavender’s family. Our E-commerce and IT teams pulled together and executed ‘Buy online, Pick up in Store’ (curbside pickup) in record-breaking time with a systematic solution supporting our customers’ needs. Obviously, the reduction of sales was the most negative result we had. Revenue supports all of our initiatives for our associates, vendor partners, and community events.  With the efforts of keeping our stores and offices open, it helped support our business operations.”