With the sudden onset of COVID-19 across America, the impact throughout the entire Western industry has been substantial.  From closed doors to cancelled events and exploded marketing plans, the crisis has had an effect in every far reaching corner.  COWGIRL wanted to explore the impact by asking three simple questions to women who not only live, but work the Western way of life:

  • What did you do to continue being productive in the face of COVID-19 shut downs?
  • What is the most positive effect of your efforts to adapt to the restrictions?
  • What is the most negative result these shut downs had on you?

JW: “Montana Silversmiths adapted our operations and business model by applying our personnel, tools, and expertise to print, distribute, and share information on 3D printed masks. As the VP of Marketing for Montana Silversmiths, our company banded with our community and state. We adjusted our production and manufacturing, printing 3D Montana Masks, along with leveraging our relationships securing  KN95 masks and N95 Masks for use by healthcare professionals, first responders, and critical industries in Stillwater Country and across the state of Montana and beyond. I learned a lesson.  The most positive effect was to focus on what is really important: faith, family, friends, and our freedoms.  It helped me look at everyday life, and what we take for granted, as being both precious and valued.  Attending church, receiving hugs from my friends, going out to eat, watching rodeos, and participating in other milestone events.  My lesson: take nothing for granted.  Wearing masks and not seeing the smiles hidden behind.  I believe that isolation in a fully functioning economy is not healthy for a thriving society.  Watching rodeos and other events canceling, and how this affects not only the athletes, but fans, communities, and other support business is devastating to the Western lifestyle and to all people, whatever their passion and livelihood.  God Bless us all.”