Author, Photographer, Visual Artist, Songwriter.……

Rooted in the dirt of the American West, visual artist and songwriter Audrey Hall creates art that speaks to courage, loss and reinvention. Her simple, direct works reflect the unbridled influence of her native, iconic landscapes. As an internationally exhibited and collected photographer with a dozen design books to her name, Audrey is logging in serious miles on less traveled roads under the frontier’s endless skies.

COWGIRL magazine September/October 2020. Photo by Audrey Hall.

“As COVID-19 continues on, I have shifted gears from commercial work with lots of travel and larger teams to creating in my studio, both new art and music. I set up a little recording corner to track songs that I’ve been writing during the pandemic, and have been making sculptural works. The photography projects I’m taking on now are more ‘portrait-centric’ one on one and outdoors only. I’m also working on a new book, but as luck would have it, it’s not a design book. The subject is something altogether new to me and involves a great amount of time alone, usually in remote places, to capture the images. The best part of the restrictions for me is the slow-down of my pace. It has given me some space to breathe and to explore more personal work. I’ve been taking Zoom workshops and reading a lot. Somehow, it all feels like a big exhale. On the flip side, there is a low level of constant, underlying anxiety that is subtle, but difficult. My emotions and reactions to stress prompts are definitely more raw and immediate. I’m quite sad about not being able to travel to see family. I’m finding that connecting with friends via Zoom or FaceTime isn’t the same as real, human-to-human quality time.”