Fish Water Tank

Keeping your horse’s outdoor water tank clean can be quite the chore! The water can quickly become dirty. Furthermore, the sides of the trough will fill with algae when not regularly scrubbed. If you’re looking for a simple all-natural solution, then consider adding fish to the tank.

Your horse drinks a sufficient amount of water year-round. They won’t be interested in it if the water is dirty, foul-selling, or tastes unusual. Algae growth can do all these things.

A solution is to add fish, such as goldfish or koi, to the water tank. Not only will they control the growth of algae, but they also consume mosquito larvae. These fish will do best in the spring, summer, and fall. Winters may be too chilly for them.

Tips for Adding Fish to Your Water Tank

  • Two goldfish can keep a 55-gallon tank clean
  • Too many fish can lead to a build up of ammonia, which isn’t healthy for the fish or your horse
  • Slowly ease the fish into their new home by keeping them in the bag they came in for several hours. You can let the bag float in the tank.
  • You shouldn’t be feeding them. Their point is to eat algae, larvae, and bugs.
  • The water should be around 60° Fahrenheit.
  • Place some rocks at the bottom for them to hide in.

Here’s to cleaner water with less work required!

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