Goldie Lew jewelry is a passion project for this gal!

“Hi! My name is Jazlyn! I have always been passionate about jewelry and I feel so blessed to own this business. My hubby Shad and I are the proud parents of 5 amazing children – 3 boys and twin 2 year old girls. We live in a small town in Eastern Utah and we love our crazy, beautiful life. 

“When I am not designing and making jewelry you will usually find me on the sidelines of the ball field cheering my boys on to victory. Life gets pretty hectic around our house, but we always try to carve out family time. Our favorite way to do that is to spend our evenings at the lake or our little pond, swimming and roasting marshmallows. Any time I get to spend with my babies is time well spent.”

Take a look at some of their more brightly colored pieces here!