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Yellowstone Season 5 stands to shake everything up, but Beth Dutton’s Kelly Reilly says she and Rip will at least start in a blissful union. Warning: previous season spoilers ahead!

In the Season 4 finale, Jamie Dutton was taking the body of his biological father, Garrett Randall, to the train station, where Beth was waiting in the darkness. “Now you’re mine,” she tells Jamie as she takes a photo. We can expect to see the results of the ultimate blackmail this upcoming season!

Just hours before, the Dutton daughter finally had her long-awaited wedding to the love of her life, Rip Wheeler. It was also worth the wait for audiences, too, to say the least!

With so much going right for Beth as Season 4 ended, could Yellowstone Season 5 possibly do right by this human tornado? Or will it all blow up in her face as it so literally has in the past?

Well, at least we can rest a bit easier (for a little bit anyways) because Kelly Reilly says that at the beginning of the new season, we can expect things to be going wonderfully for television’s best couple.

“They’re in a beautiful, solid place,” Reilly tells TV Guide of Beth & Rip while filming in Montana. “There’s something magical for her that this is now, finally, her husband, her person forever.”