Ty Graham Wardle

Graham Wardle is more commonly known as Ty Borden to Heartland fans. This hunky actor appeared in the very first episode of the series. He came with a criminal background and was told to stay away from Amy. Thankfully, that didn’t work for too long!

Now, Ty plays an important role as Amy’s husband. Check out some behind-the-scenes action of Graham on the Heartland set.

Looks like Graham enjoys his job!

Who recognizes this blue truck from the series?

Working with friends isn’t too bad!

How cute are these little girls that Graham gets to act with?

Filming a Heartland episode wouldn’t be complete without a little riding.

Meet your doubles!

Graham gets to play with a ton of cute animals on set.

How cool is the life of a Heartland actor? Be sure to follow Graham on Instagram for more behind the scenes fun!