Grain Hay

Many horse owners don’t give it a second thought. They feed their horse when it’s convenient for their schedule. Sometimes, they give grain in the morning and again in the evening. In addition, the horse is given large quantities of hay after each meal. Is this the schedule that’s truly best for your horse? Find out!

Unfortunately, horses needs forage in their bellies at all times. They do much better when fed throughout the day, rather than once or twice. Huge problems can arise when a horse with an empty belly is given grain. They will gobble down the grain, leading to the food not being properly digested.

What can you do to fix this issue?

  • Feed your horse hay first. They’ll eat slower and digest their grain better if their belly isn’t so empty.
  • Use slow-feeder nets to extend the time it takes them to eat hay
  • Turn horse out to pasture regularly
  • Add hay chaff to stimulate more chewing
  • Feed more frequently throughout the day

It may take extra time and work on your end, but feeding your horse hay first is always ideal.