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If you’ve been living under a rock, retro is back for 2020, from fashion to home decor to even photography. The grainy photo trends is all over Instagram and editorial pages this year.

From Western influencers to mainstream celebrities, grainy photos have been the move over the last few months. Grainy camera apps and filters make photos look retro, keeping with the style and decor trends of the past few years.

Film cameras, too, are hugely popular as of late. Some stores can’t even keep them in stock!

We used to delete or edit grainy photos, but now, grainy photography is happening on purpose. Why?

Since the world is going retro, photography is, too. Film cameras like those of the late 20th Century are making a huge comeback, but if photographers don’t have access to genuine film, grainy filters are the next best thing. Grain makes photos appear artistic and vintage in a way that clear photos just can’t match.

Plus, these photos can appear softer, helping Instagrammers’ feed aesthetics stay warm and comforting.

So, what do you think? Are you for the grainy photo trend, or do you prefer the traditional, crisp look?