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Is your horse focused on you or the grass?……

You’re riding with your friends on the trail and all of sudden your horse grabs a mouthful of grass. They usually have to rip the reins from your hands in order to reach down. It’s an obvious sign of disrespect! On top of that, it could cause them to stumble and throw you off balance. It’s time to stop this rude behavior!

When your horse is more concerned about eating and less worried about you, then you have a problem. Their attention should be on you at all times, especially when riding out on the trails.

Clinton Anderson suggests on his blog Downunder News, “You need to redirect his feet and make him hustle. As soon as he snatches grass, bend him around in a circle and kick his side with your inside leg. Wake him up and get his attention back on you.”

It’s important you allow your horse to fix their mistake and behave correctly. Instead of keeping the reins right, give your horse a loose rein and carry on with the trail ride. If they do it again, then immediately put them back to work.

Your horse will quickly figure out that grass snatching equals working hard! An obedient horse is a safer one. Make sure you have their respect. And if you don’t, get it- How To Earn Your Horse’s Respect!