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Spring grass is sprouting up! Get your horse’s grazing muzzle ready. Now, they can enjoy pasture without worry. Unfortunately, many horses have health issues like obesity or a history of laminitis that keep them from indulging in lush grass. They can still be apart of the herd with the help of a muzzle though.

Some prefer a muzzle that includes the halter like this Tough 1. It also have large holes by the nostril area, so your horse can breathe comfortably. You will love how adjustable it is!

Others like an attachable option. It connects right to your horse’s halter with velcro.

For extra comfort, this muzzle has synthetic wool lining around the noseband. Yay for no more rub marks!

GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle, $99.95, GG Equine

Durable and comfortable, the GreenGuard muzzle allows your horse to breathe and drink easily. It’s also lightweight!

Certain horses really shouldn’t have large amounts of grass. They’re at risk for a number of health issues. Make sure you protect your horse this spring and summer!