Red Horse Ranch Resort

Considered one of Idaho’s best kept secrets, Red Horse Mountain Ranch Resort tops our list as one of the best family-friendly dude ranch vacations available.  Known for its all-inclusive vacations incorporating a balanced mix of guided adventures, luxury accommodations, and endless opportunities for exploration, Red Horse Mountain Ranch is guaranteed to satisfy your desire for an authentic cowgirl getaway. 

Located on 300,000 acres of breathtaking Idaho landscape, the ranch is an extraordinary example of the intersection of genuine ranch life and inviting western hospitality, all aimed at making even the stiffest city slicker wholeheartedly enjoy the dude ranch experience.  With activities like horseback riding,  zip-lining, rock climbing, kayaking,  hiking, archery,  whitewater rafting,  and fishing, there really is something for everyone. 

For those who prefer more relaxing activities, why not practice yoga, indulge in a massage, take a ceramics class, or simply lounge in the serenity of the immaculate grounds?  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you adapt to this harmonious escape far from the outside world. 

For families with children, parents can participate in the adventures offered with true peace of mind, knowing their kids are spending the day having the time of their lives under the supervision of the Red Horse Ranch’s Kids’ Adventure Guides. 

In addition to their famous Family Ranch Vacations,  Red Horse also offers specialized vacation packages including wine tastings, “Girl’s Getaway” trips, and romantic couple’s retreats.  The ranch’s website details what months are best for various offers and activities.  Regardless of when you visit, this rustic resort promises you a tantalizing taste of the true West.

McGarry Ranch

If you’re looking for a truly authentic cowboy experience, look no further than the scenic mountain country of southeastern Idaho. Tucked away in the colorful, patchwork land of the upper Snake River Valley (along the South Fork of the Snake River), McGarry Ranch opens its doors to country-loving cowgirls and cowboys from all over the world.

Founded by Theron McGarry, a lifelong cowboy and fourth generation rancher, the outfit runs daily cattle operations across 55,000 acres of land in the Rocky Mountain range. During various seasons,  McGarry Ranch invites visitors to join the cowboy crew in hands-on ranching activities, including calving, doctoring, branding, gathering, roping, fence mending, and cattle driving!

Almost all of the work is performed from the backs of ranch-broke Quarter Horses, praised for their intelligence and discipline.  But while this is down-and-dirty work, don’t expect anything less than world-class hospitality from Theron and his ranch “family.” 

Guests are known to rave about the delicious down-home cooking served at every meal,  and the authentic camaraderie of the hard-working, high-spirited folks at McGarry Ranch is sure to make your visit unforgettable. 

For a rare opportunity to experience the life of a working cowgirl—amongst some of the nicest people on earth—head to McGarry Ranch. Still undecided? Just take a look at the guest comments posted on the ranch’s website, and try to argue with the countless visitors insisting their experience at McGarry Ranch was  hands-down one of the best they’ve ever had!