Most riders have a list of their favorite horse movies. One of the reasons they were so great was likely due to the horses in them! Often, TV horses play just as big of a role as the main actors. You easily fall in love with them and root for their best interest. These series or movies wouldn’t have been the same without these five horses. Check out them!

1. Mister Ed

This palomino Saddlebred cross is as famous as they come! He starred in the comedy, Mister Ed, which aired from 1961 to 1966. In this series, he played a talking horse.

2. Trigger

Possibly one of the most famous TV horses, Trigger played alongside Roy Rogers. This palomino knew over 100 tricks! He had an impressive 20-year career.

3. Dollor

This lucky horse had his debut in one of John Wayne’s most famous scenes in True Grit. He was a lovely sorrel color with a big wide blaze on his face.

4. Silver

The Lone Ranger and his horse, Silver, took out the outlaws of the West. He’s as beautiful and loyal as they come!

5. Black Beauty

Every equestrian knows of Black Beauty. No childhood is complete without watching this film.

Which one is your favorite TV horse?

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