Greeley Nine7O Collection Cowgirl Magazine
The Nine7O Collection brings the cutting edge of chic to fashion hats. Pictured hat: Animas, $329;

Flipping lids with flair, fun, and frivolity! Greeley Hat Works has just released a snazzy new line of fashion hats labeled Nine7O, after the Colorado area code where the cutting edge hat maker is based. 

“The new line is something a bit out of left field for the western wear world, yet totally in tune with the heritage and mythos of the epic West.” – Jess Hanebutt Snell

Designed by Greeley Hat Works owner, Trent Johnson, and Livewire Clothing owner and designer, Megan Holdren, the line is heavily influenced by Colorado’s mountains and rivers.  The new line features unique shapes, colors, hat bands, and a one-of-a-kind sweat band design that allows anyone to have access to a handmade Greeley Hat Works lid.

Prices start at $249.

Martina, $350;

Blue Mesa, $429;

Denver, $249;

Box Elder, $299;

Cache, $359;


Gunnison Punchy, $299;