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A Cowgirl Shines A Light On Mental Health


A Cowgirl Shines A Light On Mental Health Jodie Morton is on a mission to bring more awareness to mental health issues.

Jodie Morton Australia Cowgirl Green Gold and Blues Cowgirl Magazine

Jodie Morton. Photo courtesy of Green, Gold and Blues.

Jodie Morton is a cowgirl on a mission to bring awareness to mental health issues. Having lost people in her life due to depression, Jodie wanted to change the stigma that surrounds mental health. Learn more about the young cowgirl’s organization, Green, Gold and Blues.

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Being so close to starting the trail has me getting my happy wrinkles on! . Speaking of wrinkles, I’ve noticed that being out in the sun so much has had a definite impact on my skin. So lesson number 1 here is to always be sun-smart. Do as I say, not as I do 😁 . However, while we’re on the topic of wrinkles, I got told the other day that I’m going to end up being one of those old women with a bunch of smile wrinkles…uh, thanks? But I think that what they were trying to say, is that at the end of the day, you wear the life you’ve had on your face. I had a chat the other day with one of my close friends and she gave me the below words of wisdom to ponder (I made her write it down for me because I loved it so much) . “Wrinkles are the best. And everyone should be so excited to get them instead of wishing them away or covering them up with makeup. They’re like one of life’s ways of tattooing you, like scars. Wrinkles get to show everyone around you that you’ve lived rich life and gotten through the good and bad times. They’re a record of the long hours you’ve spent in the sun and how the sun loved you back. The very best ones are crow’s feet since it’s a record of smiles and laughter. No matter what ups and downs you’ve had, you’ve been strong enough to smile and laugh and do it often. That’s amazing.” . Uh, I think she’s amazing. So I’m just going to leave that right here and go embrace my sun and laughter induced crows feet from here on in. Just something to think about ❤️ #wrinkles #laughter #crowsfeet #sun #love #live #life #embrace #wisdom #dontworry #behappy #happywrinkles #sunsmart #australia #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #greengoldandblues #canterforchange 📷 the wonderful @capture_by_karen

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“In 2016 and 2017, I lost friends that I thought I would still have in my life for many years to come. What that has taught me, is to never take the people in your life for granted.

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Sometimes it’s a scary thought when I start to ponder what I’m going to do when Green Gold and Blues finishes. I can tell you now that I don’t think I can ever bring myself to go back to corporate work and living in the office. . I’ve been asked now and then what I’m running away from by doing these rides. I’m not running from anything, in fact, I feel like I’m running to something or somewhere. Just don’t know where. I guess the Australian in me is running with the “nah, she’ll be right mate” attitude. Besides, it’s easier to sit back and enjoy the journey when you don’t know where the end is. . Knowing who you are, what you want to be and where you want to be can be hard. Rarely does anything start with “I know who I am, I know what I want and I know where I want to be”. Take those 5 year plans for instance. I filled mine out according to who was asking for it, not for what I really wanted. I had no idea what I wanted. . A wise man once said “defining ourselves by what we are not, is the first step that leads us to really knowing who we are”. So I’m gonna start there. . And that can change over time. It’s fluid. I’m not someone that belongs in the city. I used to be, because that’s all I knew growing up. I’m not someone that belongs in an office. I used to think that was my path, back when I was still lying to myself. But once you stop putting your time and energy into what you are not, eventually through the power of elimination will work it out for you. . It’s easy to get anxious thinking about what the future holds. I do. All the time. It’s normal. But that’s for future me to figure out. All I can do at the moment is set my future self up the best I can by making sure I know who I’m not and staying true to that. Sometimes sticking to it is the hardest part. But for now I’m just going to keep running towards that something. I’ll let you all know when I find it 📷 @capture_by_karen #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #run #define #yourself #iknowwhoiamnot #matthewmcconaughey #quote #love #australia #photooftheday #appaloosa #quarterhorse #horsesofinstagram #lifebetweentheears #trailprep #bicentennialnationaltrail #greengoldandblues #canterforchange

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“Rather than sit back and accept these losses, I wanted to do something to create some change in the world. Most of all, I want to try and prevent others from going through the same experiences I did.

“Through a series of seemingly unconnected events, this project was born, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. The name Green, Gold and Blues came about from describing exactly what this ride is. With ‘Green and Gold’ representing Australia, and the ‘Blues’ representing depression – it embodies my mission of riding up the East Coast of Australia talking about ‘the Blues.’ While this trail may be physically taking place in Australia, the messaging is by no means restricted to Australian soil.

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SHARE THE LOVE SATURDAY I’m sorry I’ve been MIA recently, the Australian flu season has been kicking my butt this year (but on the plus side coughing is giving me abs of STEEL)! Seeing as I’m still feeling less than fantastic (and am missing the horses like CRAZY), I figured I’m probably not the only one out there not feeling 100% and I want to do a bit of a pick-me-up post. So tag someone in the comments that you want to share the love with. Speaking from experience, the smallest little message can change your day. Also seeing others happy makes me the happiest human so really it’s a 2-for-1 😉 #sharethelovesaturday #sharethelove #love #kindness #payitforward #positivevibes #changesomeonesday #pickmeup #2for1 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #wereallinthistogether #speakup #friendship #greengoldandblues #canterforchange 📷 @mackenziebrenneman

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“As for the physical journey, I’m going to be riding 5,330km (3,330mi) up the East Coast of Australia from Healesville, VIC to Cooktown, QLD. I plan to stop at towns along the way and visit schools, universities, and pretty much every educational establishment that will have me to talk about what depression really is, what we can do to change the way it’s viewed, and what we can do to make getting help easier. Whitney Houston believed that the children are our future and I sure do agree with her!

“Of course, I am a huge advocate of work AND play, so any country towns that I come across along the way will definitely warrant a stop for a catch-up and a cuppa. I’m really excited to meet people from right across Australia and share some tall tales. I can already foresee some epic storytime sessions!

“Right now however, we have an insane amount of planning and preparation to do. Any advice, tips, or words of encouragement will be gladly accepted. I promise to share both the good times and the bad – I can guarantee that we will be experiencing both ends of the spectrum and I promise not to hold back.

Be sure to follow Jodie on her adventures by following her on Instagram here! If you’d like to learn more about Gold, Green and Blues visit


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