Photo by: Farnam……

Most horses love rolling in the mud! That usually means extra work for their riders though. With the right tips and tricks, your grooming routine can be quick and simple! Get ready to bring out the curries and stiff brushes! Grooming a horse can be exhausting and hard work. You’ll definitely want a strategy!

The FEI YouTube channel posted a video of Cindy Valentina’s grooming routine. This western cowgirl has a huge following on social media. You can tag along on her adventures @valentinacowgirl on Instagram! She knows her way around a horse barn.

Her grooming routine will make your horse shine from head to hoof! With a few basic supplies, you’ll be on your way to a cleaner, mud-free horse. Check it out for yourself!

Even experienced horse folks can learn a thing or two from other riders. You never know what tips and tricks you’re missing! Hopefully, this grooming routine can make your life easier (and your horse a whole lot cleaner)!

And if these ideas don’t rid your horse of mud, then you might want to try a horse vacuum! You can say goodbye to dust and dirt.