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Cowgirl - TailsPC: the_forgotten_nomad

Keeping your horse’s white tail clean can become quite the mission. These tails can turn yellow almost overnight from dirt, grim, and urine. Mares have an evener harder time with yucky tails. Fear not, your horse’s hair can become a pristine white color and stay that way with these grooming secrets and products!

  • Horse Spa Tail Buckets promise to keep tails clean all year long. The deep cleaning and conditioning enhances the color. A bag goes over the dirty hair and is fastened with a band around the base of the tail bone. Add water and hair products and scrub from the outside. Your hands and horse never get wet!
  • Keep stalls cleaner. Piles of manure and wet spots increase the likelihood of staining.
  • You might consider using a tail bag. They can be a hit or miss. Many times they repel dirt and urine, but if they become wet they can actually hold onto the grime and destroy the hair.
  • Try using a whitening product, such as Wow! Whitener Spray for Horses, every two to three weeks.
  • Use caution with bluing products. They can really dry out your horse’s tail and even turn them lavender if left in too long. Exhibitors Quic Silver is a gentler option that promises to leave their hair shiny and silky.
  • Human hair dye can be used on horses if you’re very careful. It should never come in contact with the tail bone. This option should only be used for very important events, such as large shows.
  • Detanglers are a great resource for daily grooming. They repel dirt and keep the tail knot-free and easy to work with.
  • Surprisingly, ketchup has been know to help remove yellow stains. While it isn’t a perfect fix, you’ll definitely notice a whiter tail when left in for 15 minutes.

Don’t be embarrassed by those yellow tails anymore. Create a grooming schedule to make sure your horse’s tail stays regularly washed and conditioned. What’s your favorite whitening secret?