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Gray and white horses seem to be pros at getting dirty. They easily find the biggest mud puddles to roll in. When it comes to grooming them, you’ll need some special products and a lot of elbow grease to get them looking their best. There’s no hiding stains with their light hair. All those with gray, cremello, palomino, and pinto horse owners… listen up!

Grooming White & Gray Horses

These handy tips will help you prevent stains and tackle existing ones! They’ll even work on those with white legs or markings.

  • A healthy coat starts with a healthy horse. Make sure their diet is balanced.
  • Detanglers can repel stains.
  • Spot removers are helpful at targeting specific areas.
  • Blueing shampoos can be used before shows or pictures for an overall clean horse.
  • Clean their stall frequently to avoid your horse laying in urine or manure.
  • Extra shavings in their stall can also reduce stains.
  • Use blankets and sheets that are weather appropriate to assist with keeping them clean.
  • UV light can alter a horse’s coat (even light-colored horses), so avoid overexposure to sunlight.
  • Regular grooming can make a huge difference. A rubber curry comb and elbow grease go a long way!
  • Put up your horse’s white tail in a tail bag. In the summer, add strings for protection against flies.
  • You can also bag up your horse’s mane to keep dirt away.
  • Trim your horse’s legs, so they’re easier to clean.
  • In the winter, a horse vacuum can keep dust and dirt at bay. They can also be handy for blowing out their coat.
  • Avoid contact with clay through proper pasture management. That’ll keep your pastures green, rather than muddy.
  • Create a sandy spot for your horse to roll in.

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a sparkling clean horse!