Your horse should stand still even when they’re not tied up.

A horse that can ground tie is usually respectful and obedient. This exercise requires them to have self-control. It’s extremely useful for around the barn, at shows, or even on the trails. Craig Cameron talks you through a simple approach to getting your horse to stand patiently.

What does it mean to ground tie your horse?

Your horse will stand in the place you asked without being tied to anything. If you step away for a second, they will not run off or wander. It’s a practice that’s common in ranching. When ranchers didn’t have anything to tie their horse to they’d expect them to stand patiently as they mended fences or checked on cattle.

Why should you teach it?

A horse that can stand without being tied is more likely to be patient while you mount. They tend to put up less resistance in all areas of training. Plus, how nice would it be to go grab something without having to locate cross-ties?

How do you teach it?

Craig Cameron takes a simple approach in his training video. Watch below to find out how to get your horse to ground tie in no time!