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Groundwork is the foundation for everything you’ll do with your horse. From riding to grooming, your horse will need good manners. They need to be respectful and obedient. These exercises are a great way to test your horse’s skills and see how well they listen to you.

Try These Groundwork Exercises

  1. Yield hindquarters
  2. Ground tie
  3. Turn on the forehand
  4. Walk over a tarp
  5. Line up with the mounting block
  6. Lower head
  7. Come when called
  8. Pick up all four hooves
  9. Side pass
  10. Backup with light pressure
  11. Step onto a pedestal
  12. Load into a trailer
  13. Go through water
  14. Walk over ground poles
  15. Weave through cones
  16. Follow at liberty
  17. Lunge with verbal cues
  18. Be touched all over
  19. Desensitize to whip
  20. Stand for spray bottle

These are just the start of groundwork exercises. There are so many more fun things you can do with your horse. And you don’t even need to be in the saddle! What are you favorite exercises to try? Can your horse do any tricks?

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