It can be fun testing your horse knowledge! Take a guess at these breeds to see how much you know about different horses. Each breed has a few physical qualities that set them apart. Some are harder to identify than others!

How it Works

Take a look at the picture and write down your guess. You can even share it on our Facebook page: COWGIRL Magazine!

After you have your guesses made, keep scrolling and find the answers. Have some fun!







Answers are below!

1. Arabian: This breed is known for their dished profile. They usually have large eyes and nostrils, small muzzles, and wide foreheads. Furthermore, Arabians naturally have a high tail carriage.

2. Clydesdale: While usually bay in color, the breed can also be black, gray, chestnut, and have roaning. Extensive leg feathers are a signature trait. Additionally, Clydesdales fall in the draft horse category and stand between 16 and 18 hands.

3. Quarter horse: Well-muscular bodies with short, refined heads are common in Quarter horses. They also have broad chests and round hindquarters.

4. Thoroughbred: Long necks, high withers, and powerful chests define this breed. Many Thoroughbreds have long legs and a slender built. They’re used a lot in racing, but also perform in English and western disciplines.

5. Fjord: This breed has a very distinct look, but in general are rare in the United States. They have strong, sturdy feet and compact bodies. All Fjord horses are dun with black or dark brown markings.

6. Appaloosa: This breed’s biggest give away is their spots. They may also have striped hooves, eyes with a white sclera, and mottled skin. There’s a range in body types, but most stand between 14 and 16 hands.

How many did you guess correctly? If you got all six, then you must know you horse breeds pretty good!

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