Mud Lowery is a much-loved brand of turquoise jewelry and is known throughout the entire Western industry. The company already has a wildly successful collaboration featuring bobby pins with Rachel Joi under its belt. They’ve just released yet another collab—Mud Lowery X Gypsy Jordy—that is sure to turn many heads.

Mud Lowery has said that Jordan would always share pictures of the brand’s eternity bands and they received tons of business as a result. The jewelry company company wanted to make sure the western fashion influencer was taken care of and asked if she would like to do a collaboration.

During the brainstorming process, Mud Lowery made an opal eternity band with one turquoise stone, which was Jordan’s idea, and it was immediately loved by all. It was instantly decided that that band would be included in the new collection.

They messaged back and forth for months about opals, the moon, and snakes and soon the collection was complete. With the first drop of the collection blowing their dreams out of the water, a second drop can be expected very soon. Shannon Lowery of Mud Lowery says, “The western industry is filled with the greatest customers and grateful doesn’t even express how I feel.”

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