It’s no secret the ladies of Gypsy Soule are big time trend-setters in western fashion! Those gypsy geniuses know what we want and when we want it, before we even know we want it, ourselves. Well, we’re not sure how they do it, but keep on keepin’ on, gypsies!

Their newest spring line is full of vibrant neon rhinestones, crystals and beads. Which means they took all the things we love and combined it into one line of jewelry. Okay, okay, Gypsy Soule, we will buy them all. You talked us into it.

This line was made for those of us who were born to stand out! To say we are swooning, is a complete understatement. When you purchase jewelry like this, you’ve got a solid statement piece in your jewelry box that will liven up any ole’ outfit! All Gypsy Soule pieces are ideal for layering and stacking to your hearts desire! Collect these Gypsy Soule bracelets and have a seriously wild arm party of your own. Rock on, gypsies. Rock on! All pieces can be found at