The golden color of a Haflinger is stunning.

If you haven’t heard of the Haflinger horse breed, you’re missing out! These exceptional horses are definitely worth noting. Haflingers were developed in Austria and northern Italy. The world was forever changed when these golden horses entered it. They’re well known for their exceptional color and quiet nature.

1) All Haflinger horses can trace their lineage back to 249 Folie. This foundation sire was born in 1874. There are seven stallion lines connected to Folie.

  • A-line: Founded by Anselmo born in 1926
  • B-line: Founded by Bolzano born in 1915
  • M-line: Founded by Massimo born in 1927
  • N-line: Founded by Nibbio born in 1920
  • S-line: Founded by Stelvio born in 1923
  • ST-line: Founded by Student born in 1927
  • W-line: Founded by Willi born in 1921

2) Haflingers only come in one color- chestnut. Within this color, you can find a light gold to a deep golden shade. The mane and tail will be white or flaxen. Ideally, they should stand between 13.2 hands and 15 hands.

3) During official inspections for breed standards, the horse is required to show a quiet and kind nature. This has led the breed to having excellent temperaments.

4) There are two different types of Haflingers- a short, heavier type used for draft work and a light, taller type intended for pleasure and competitive riding.

5) In general, this breed is known for being easy keepers. Because of their origin in a mountainous region, their hooves are usually hardy and strong. They do well on limited grain and don’t require a lot of hay to maintain weight. You can expect your Haflinger to live well into their thirties.

What’s not to love about this breed! Both Beginners and experts are huge fans of Haflingers.