Everyone loves healthy, shiny hair and your horse’s mane and tail are no exception! Get your horse’s locks looking sleek and gorgeous with a few of our favorite coat-reviving products!

Equine Nutritional Pellets


$70.00 on Amazon

Healthy mane and tail growth starts on the inside! Provide your horse with the necessary nutrients they need to have a sleek coat and mane. With proven results, these specially crafted nutrient pellets are sure to bring your horse healthy results ASAP!

Original M-T-G Plus Oil


$30.84 0n Amazon

The OG mane and tail growth serum, but better! With added nutrients, this level of protection and growth is truly unmatched. The perfect solution for any coat in need of some TLC!

Super 14 Healthy Skin & Coat Supplement


$41.34 on Amazon

Gleam all year long with this all-around nutritional supplement! Packed full of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, this supplement is sure to improve the health and look of your horse’s coat! This supplement is easy to slip into your horse’s daily grain; adding nutrients has never been so easy!

MegaTek Equine Rebuilder


$30.99 on Amazon

SOS! Is your horse’s mane or tail in need of a major recovery?? We’ve got you covered! This strengthening rebuilder treatment is a major game changer for manes and tales.

Laser Sheen Skin & Coat Supplement


$53.23 on Amazon

Achieving show-stopping results have never been easier! Grab everyone’s attention by creating a radiant coat from the inside out. The perfect all-around growth supplement!

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