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Some horses have the nature ability to grow hair. These breeds are some of the hairiest you’ll find across the world. They look like wooly mammoths! From the lush manes and tails to the thick feather and mustaches, they are a sight to be seen.

1. Clydesdale: This draft breed is well-known for their role in Budweiser commercials and parades. Their towering height and lush hair make them very charming!

2. Gypsy Vanner: Though shorter than most draft breeds, these horses are quite stout and muscular. They can be ridden or used for pulling.

3. Friesian: Known for their sleek black coat and flowing mane, this breed is right out of a fairy tale. They can be seen competing in a range of disciplines like dressage and driving.

4. Shire: Similar to the Clydesdale, this breed is tall and impressive. They can reach upwards of 18 hands!

5. Fell Pony: Powerful yet short, these ponies are praised for their strength. They’re also known for their thick mane, tail, and feather.

This group of horses sure is beautiful! Their abundance of hair makes them stand out easily.