So I’m going to start by proclaiming that I have a mop on top of my head. BUT, when it comes to actually fixing up that mop, these hairstyles are some of my go-to’s that I don’t think will ever go out of style…but one of them should!

How many of you know where I’m from? That’s right, TEXAS! Big hair is a way of life here, y’all. This is my favorite hairstyle of all time. You can curl your hair, or leave it straight. It just seems to go with a casual outfit, but looks equally as good for when you get fancied up! Check out the tutorial here.

Okay…so not a far cry from the big hair above, but still another favorite! I can’t stand having my hair in a flat pony; I just don’t feel like it works for me! This tutorial is all about adding volume and texture. Disclaimer: She teases it WAY up! You can always tone it down a little bit for something similar to one of the looks above.

Braided pigtails are such a fun look! You can go with a textured fishtail braid like on the left, or the classic three-strand braid on the right.

I showed y’all this pull-through braid back in June, and it is still a favorite! If it wasn’t obvious, I love volume…and this style definitely has it!

Don’t feel like fixing your hair today? That’s okay! A messy bun can be stylish too!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

So y’all have seen five stylish looks, let’s “real talk” for a minute. Ladies and gents, for the love of all that is holy, if you’re not Billy Ray Cyrus or Jade Corkill, LET THE MULLET GO.

Have a fun mullet pic from back in the day? Drop it in the comments!