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5 Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style And One That Should

Let's just say the teasing brush is your friend!

October 09, 2017

So I’m going to start by proclaiming that I have a mop on top of my head. BUT, when it comes to actually fixing up that mop, these hairstyles are some of my go-to’s that I don’t think will ever go out of style…but one of them should!

How many of you know where I’m from? That’s right, TEXAS! Big hair is a way of life here, y’all. This is my favorite hairstyle of all time. You can curl your hair, or leave it straight. It just seems to go with a casual outfit, but looks equally as good for when you get fancied up! Check out the tutorial here.

Okay…so not a far cry from the big hair above, but still another favorite! I can’t stand having my hair in a flat pony; I just don’t feel like it works for me! This tutorial is all about adding volume and texture. Disclaimer: She teases it WAY up! You can always tone it down a little bit for something similar to one of the looks above.

Braided pigtails are such a fun look! You can go with a textured fishtail braid like on the left, or the classic three-strand braid on the right.

I showed y’all this pull-through braid back in June, and it is still a favorite! If it wasn’t obvious, I love volume…and this style definitely has it!

Don’t feel like fixing your hair today? That’s okay! A messy bun can be stylish too!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

So y’all have seen five stylish looks, let’s “real talk” for a minute. Ladies and gents, for the love of all that is holy, if you’re not Billy Ray Cyrus or Jade Corkill, LET THE MULLET GO.

Have a fun mullet pic from back in the day? Drop it in the comments!

Cowgirl Hotlist
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