The life of a trick rider is daring and exciting, yet unpredictable and dangerous. Haley Ganzel has been doing professional trick riding since she was five years old. She’s a bit of a legacy though. Haley’s uncle was not only her instructor, but also a trick rider himself with numerous career highlights. The rest of her family also participates in rodeo events. This cowgirl is doing what she was born to do!

She travels from coast to coast putting on performances. The crowd goes crazy when she enters the ring. In Utah, Haley gallops around roman style on Geminie and Cricket, two of her horses.

Practice makes perfect! Not only does Haley want to be the best she can be, but she likes helping others be their best. She loves working with children and building their confidence.

Sometimes you have to push yourself even when you’re uncomfortable. Haley describes a time when the girl before her broke her neck doing the same stunt she was about to do. Everyone told her she didn’t have to do it, but she decided it was necessary. She had to prove to herself that she could fight through the fear.

Trick riders need equally talented horses. It appears Haley has quite a few that help her woo the crowds.

When Haley Ganzel isn’t riding, she’s hanging out with family and friends, helping others, and working out. Trick riding has its ups and downs, but it sure does look like a whole lot of fun! Follow her on Instagram @haley_trickrides for more updates!