Photo by: Drew A. Kelley……

Who loves Halloween? For those that get excited, this holiday is about the elaborate displays and decorations. It’s your chance to create a spooky world filled with headless horsemen, witches, and carved pumpkins. You and your barn buddies will have a blast decorating your horse barn! Here’s some fun pieces to include…

This jumbo metal pumpkin will look great in your barn. Set it by the front door or inside for a rustic touch!

Outdoor Sign, $16.99, MIClassicHome

A fun outdoor display for the yard, this sign adds Halloween spirit to the barn.

Paper Lanterns String Lights, $37.00, CherryPickins

These pumpkin, witch, and skeleton mini lanterns would work well in the rafters or in the lounge. Make sure to unplug them when you leave though!

Orange Star, $19.95, twpcountrystore

This Amish-style barn star is a timeless piece. The vibrant orange color gives it a Halloween vibe!

Horse “Nightmare”, $159.99, BaroqueCreations

Hang this spooky horse wreath on your tack or feed room door to set the mood!

The most important things to remember when decorating your barn is to avoid fire hazards and anything that will scare your horse. You want spooky fun, not a spooked horse!