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Amanda Kate's "Come Little Children" Photo courtesy Amanda Kate.……
Amanda Kate - Come Little Children (From Hocus Pocus) - COVER

Unlike any holiday country music before, this country holiday is all about Halloween. California country’s Amanda Kate has released a fun Halloween cover of the film Hocus Pocus’ “Come Little Children.” No longer is Christmas the only holiday with country ballads! 

For all you Halloween lovers, her song is a must! Her western, bluegrass rendition of the classic Halloween film’s “Come Little Children” is the perfect addition to your trick or treating, play list. It is a flawless mix of funny, spooky and also plays on everything we love about Halloween.

On her new release, Amanda said, “Hocus Pocus has been a favorite of mine since I was young. I’ve always loved that song and the character “Sarah” in the movie. So we thought it would be fun to do a country spin on the song and I fell in love with how it turned out! My favorite part of Halloween now is watching my little girl get dressed up and trick or treat.” 

In the film, Sarah Jessica Parker’s witchy character, Sarah Sanderson sings the haunting melody to lure children into their clutches. The film’s song was composed by James Horner and the lyrics were written by Brock Walsh. Unlike Amanda’s cover, nothing about the original song is country Halloween.

We don’t know about you, but we will be playing Amanda Kate’s country Halloween cover of “Come Little Children” for years to come, Halloween or not!

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