Learning to correctly halter a horse is basic horsemanship. It’s an essential skill! Whether you’re a beginner or just a bit rusty, this tutorial is great at explaining how to do it the proper way. Check it out!

The Most Basic Way to Halter

For those that have an easy horse and a halter with a cheek snap, try this approach.

  1. Stand at your horse’s shoulder and face forward (toward their head).
  2. Allow the halter to slide onto your horse’s nose.
  3. Next, take it up and over their ears.
  4. Clip the cheek snap.
  5. Lastly, your lead rope attaches to the round circle under their chin.

A Little More Tricky

Is your horse hard to halter? Consider this approach instead! Many of them do not like their ears touched with the crown. This process avoids that.

  1. Stand at your horse’s shoulder and face forward.
  2. Unbuckle the crown piece.
  3. Now, take the halter over their nose.
  4. Use your arm to reach over and grab the crown.
  5. Buckle it up!

Would you like to watch these two approaches? CRK Training has this video to share.

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