handmade heifer cozy calf collection bedding

The Handmade Heifer is proud to introduce The Cozy Calf Collection! This is our take on luxury crib bedding completely designed and created by The Handmade Heifer. We spared no expense in the production of these sets and used the finest quality mink and spent countless hours perfecting the design and production. We are happy to bring you luxurious bedding and unique designs so your calf crop is as trendy and cozy as any! A cheaper alternative can be made with custom options & materials of your choice.” -The Handmade Heifer

This set is perfect for daddy’s little hunting buddy!

Expecting a new little princess? This set mixes together pink, cacti, deerskin, and even leopard! That’s a lot of prints mixed together, but it still looks SO cute!

These muted aztec tones could work for a little boy or a little girl!

So could this plaid buffalo set if you wanted it to!

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