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Vintage Porch Swings, Avari, pricing upon request; vintageporchswings.com.

Long before air conditioning, the porch was a refuge for people living in the South.  This became a place to seek relief from the sweltering sun and the stuffiness of the indoors.  It was a place for storytelling, visiting, and sipping sweet tea. 

The porch has always been synonymous with Southern living, but tour suburban neighborhoods these days and you will likely find that grandma’s creaky porch swing is being replaced by a roomier, and more luxurious, swinging bed.  These king-sized statement pieces combine the comfort of a couch, the serenity of a swing, and the roominess of your favorite place to lay.

Companies like the Original Charleston Bedswing, Custom Carolina Hanging Beds, and Vintage Porch Swings, offer handmade, customized swings with superior craftsmanship and quality.  There’s simply no better way to change up your outdoor living space.

Original Charleston Bedswing, Original collection, $2,987, originalcharlestonbedswing.com.

Vintage Porch Swings, Joshua, Pricing upon request; vintageporchswings.com.

Custom Carolina Hanging Beds, The Elegant Charleston, $1,745, carolinahangingbeds.com.