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Hannah Dasher is definitely one to watch in the country music scene! With her killer 70s-inspired hairdo and bell bottoms, the “Stand By Your Pan” TikTok sensation is taking the world by storm. COWGIRL got to catch up with Hannah about her new album, “The Half Record” and exciting plans she’s got coming up!

“People think inspiration is this moving, amazing moment, but being fresh in love or fresh out of it makes the best songs. Great music inspires me. A collection of music is art. It’s blood, sweat, and tears that songwriters, producers, engineers, and artists have poured their energy, time, and hard work into,” she says. The best advice she’s been given was to do 5 things everyday to advance her career. “When there weren’t a lot of victories to celebrate, I could celebrate that every night. I could sleep in peace knowing I did all that I could for myself that day.”

With over 1 million subscribers on TikTok with her “Stand By Your Pan” series, Hannah gets to live out another idea from years prior. She recalls drinking wine back home with her mom, who then told her she should write a book or have a TV show one day called “Stand By Your Pan.” Hannah agreed, and said it needed to be a comedy-infused late night, like Jimmy Fallon meets Paula Deen. “I paid for the trademark and sat on that idea because it hadn’t been the right time. Quarantine hit and everyone’s at home cooking, so I figured I’d test out my little idea on TikTok. It stuck!”

Her signature style is just as much of a show as her music! “I find that a lot of people want a wardrobe tour, but I’ve designed a lot of pieces that I wear. I don’t like looking like everybody else. I just want my hair to be a little bit bigger than everybody else’s,” she says.

Something you may be surprised to learn about Hannah is she’s a twin! “I love her, she’s awesome. We’re what you call mirror twins. She’s got straight hair, right handed, she’s got dark brown eyes and mine are green. She does sing, but only when she’s intoxicated. She does the best Cher impersonation I’ve ever heard!”

Hannah isn’t slowing down anytime soon, with a recent Fender endorsement, Peloton picking up one of her songs from the album, more music, more shows, playing The Opry again, and a radio tour, she’s a busy gal! Not that she’s complaining, she says quarantine made her appreciate the things we tend to take for granted.

Listen to “The Half Record” here!

Keep an eye out for Hannah’s live shows! She can’t wait to meet everyone out on the road! “As long as they let me come to the merch aisle when I’m done with my shows and meet them and hug their necks, I’m going to be doing that as long as I can,” she says. Ladies, she wants you to bring your fellas along with you because they’ll enjoy her songs just as much as you will!

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