Happy horse, happy life!

Horses don’t lie! They put their feelings right out in the open, but you have to be able to recognize what they’re saying. A happy horse will express itself through body language and behavior in the field or when interacting. It isn’t too hard to understand when you know what the signs are.

Signs of a Happy Horse

1. Loose, freely swinging tail that isn’t clamped against their butt

2. Droopy lower lip

3. Round, relaxed nostrils that aren’t pinned back

4. Soft snorting sound or deep sigh

5. Laying down or sun bathing

6. Willingness to work without putting up a fight

7. Horses grooming each other in the pasture

8. Playing out in the field, such as running, bucking, pawing

9. The bedding in the stall wasn’t disturbed greatly and doesn’t show signs of circling

10. Healthy, regular droppings

A content horse is also a healthy one. They shouldn’t be stressed or look sickly. If your horse is acting normal and seems relaxed in the barn and pasture, then they’re more than likely in good spirits.

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