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Here’s A Hat Transformation You Just Have To See


Here’s A Hat Transformation You Just Have To See You won't believe what this hat went through to change its look!

charlie 1 horse cowgirl magazine hat hats transformation hat transformation

Do you have a few hats from back in the day that you don’t wear anymore? Yes! So what’s a girl to do? First of all, do NOT get rid of them…repurpose them! Take a look at this awesome hat transformation by Jeff Spradlin!

First, he had to get all the embellishments off the side of the Charlie 1 Horse hat, scrape the remaining residue, and cut down and iron out the brim.

Guess what this was?

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Next, he used a trade secret in order to safely burn the hat in order to give it a distressed look to help hide some of the old markings left behind by the embellishments.

And lastly, he made a matching distressed custom hat band and burned some cards to add the finishing touch! Talk about a transformation! Now you have a stylish black fashion fedora that will match just about anything!


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