There is a lot of hat love happening at Cowgirl Magazine!……
There is a lot of hat love happening at Cowgirl Magazine!

Let’s face it ladies – we have all been there. You lock eyes across a crowded room, and it’s like everything else just disappears .You instantly know, the two of you are meant to be. Your heart speeds up as your mind races with visions of all the places you will go together – parties, dinners, rodeos (like the upcoming RFD-TV’s The American), the possibilities are endless. You decide to make your move, closing the distance between the two of you. And that is when it hits you. You are…in hat love.

Okay, maybe we are being a bit dramatic, but if you’ve ever found that perfect hat, you can relate. The amount of love we feel for those brimmed beauties is endless, and we picked some of our favorites to highlight the way to our hearts! Bonus – these hats are a sneak peek into our upcoming fashion shoot!

Stetson Skyline $240

There is just something about a classic black hat that gets us every time. Shop all the Stetson styles here!

Charlie 1 Horse Cochella Valley $84.99

Ideal for festival season, this unique take on a top hat is the perfect statement piece.

Charlie 1 Horse- Buzzin $223.00

Bright and beaded? What more could you ask for in a fun and fashionable hat? Shop this and all the other Charlie 1 Horse hats pictured above here!

Greeley Hat Works

Talk about custom, this hat caught our eye the first time we saw it, and we continue to fall more in love with it every day! You can shop Greeley Hat Works styles here!