Hay farmers are gearing up for the season ahead. Everyone has their fingers crossed for good weather! You may have noticed some posts circulating social media about increased hay prices for 2022. With the rise of fuel and fertilizer, it would only make sense that you can expect to pay more for a square or round bale.

While you can’t believe everything you read on Facebook, there is no denying the fact that the cost to make hay has increased. Ultimately, this will impact the price of the final product. Horse and other livestock owners are likely to see a jump up in prices by at least a few dollars.

Here’s what some of the industry has experienced so far…

Diesel prices continue to climb at a rapid speed, which impacts farm machinery and transportation!

Chart by: eia.gov

On top of high diesel prices, fertilizer has also increased. Progressive Farmer mentioned “MAP is now 69% more expensive, 10-34-0 is 70% higher, DAP is 78% more expensive, potash is 116% higher, urea is 145% more expensive, UAN32 is 175% higher, UAN28 178% is more expensive and anhydrous is 202% higher compared to last year.”

The weather will be a huge factor, as well! Everyone can hope there is the right amount of rain this year.

What can you do about it?

  • Before you buy more animals, make sure you’re financially ready to feed them with the increased prices.
  • Contact your hay farmer and secure the number of bales you need ahead of time. Try to lock in a price!
  • Buy good-quality square or round bales from last year.
  • Use slow-feeder nets to reduce wastage.
  • Stock up on hay during the summer, so you don’t have to pay winter prices if there is a shortage.

It’s better to get prepared, then be caught off guard. Prices may not be as bad as everyone is thinking, but it would make sense if they do increase.