Farmhouse Kitchen Cowgirl Magazine

Farmhouse style will never not be trendy, thanks to influential people like Joanna Gaines! The farmhouse look is popular among cowgirls because it combines rustic charm with the ambiance of an old country cottage; what’s not to love?

The kitchen is a huge part of a farmhouse home because that is the room where the heart and soul of the house resides in. The accessories found in a farmhouse kitchen are what sets it apart from other design styles and small accents, such as kitchen towels, are what really pulls together the overall farmhouse look that cowgirls go crazy for!

The towels, like the $8.99 Farm Definition Towel pictured above, that I currently cannot get enough of are by HomeSeweetHome. These kitchen towels are all handmade and perfectly illustrate the whimsical nature of farmhouse living.

Can I buy every single one of these towels right now please?

White Potatoes Towel: Priced at $8.99 on Etsy.

Black Stallion Towel: Priced at $8.99 on Etsy.

Happy Jack Donkey Grains Towel: Priced at $8.99 on Etsy.

Rooster Flour Sack Towel: Priced at $8.99 on Etsy.

Hartford Mills Cattle Feed Towel: Priced at $8.99 on Etsy.

Shaw Feed Co. Horse Pellets Towel: Priced at $8.99 on Etsy.