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We wrote this song for cowgirls and cowboys all over, whether you are going through a tough time, there is something to be said about there is healing when you ride.” – Amanda Kate

Watch Amanda Kate’s brand new music video for “Healing When I Ride”:

Although the landscape has changed throughout her life, Amanda Kate has always stayed true to her country and cowgirl roots. She has persisted through and has relied on her horses to get her through the tough. We sat down with Amanda and chatted about her music, cowgirl life and her brand new music video, “Healing When I Ride.”


CG: How do you define your music?

AK: I always come back to traditional country. I grew up listening to traditional records. In my house it was a lot of George Strait, a lot of Reba. That is what has shaped my sound. My sound will evolve over the years, but for now, traditional country. 

CG: How did you get your start in music and who/what inspires your music?

AK: My mom was a singer and songwriter my whole life. Since I was born, I was traveling with her. I spent my entire childhood on the road with her traveling from churches, venues, singing events. 

I started singing professionally at 16 with a Christian singing group. At 16, I realized I can do this for my career. When I was 16, I had this huge dream of being super famous. Over the years, as you start to write music and perform more in front of different fans, I am very thankful that I get to do this at all. I feel very blessed I am able to do this. 

CG: What is your favorite memory of your music/musical career?

AK: My album release party was last year in October. And it was the last time my mom was on stage with me. It was a really eerie thing, because on some level I knew that would be the last time we would play music together in front of people. We were on stage doing a song that she wrote more than 30 years ago. It was just me and her on stage. The song is called “The Last Time,” and spontaneously I said to her, “mom, can we do one more? Just you and me, one more?” And in that moment, it felt like it was just me and her… It was such an incredible moment. Watching the video back, you can tell that there was a chemistry. When you do music with people and it is just right, being able to do that was the most special moment to me. 

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Cowgirl Lifestyle

CG: What is your hometown and lifestyle in California? 

AK: I live in the foothills of Orange County, I live in an equestrian community. It is not a huge open space, but it is an incredible community, all horse property, everyone has horses. It is a really fun community to be a part of. I grew up in northern New Mexico and being able to still have that part of my life, being around horses … it is a part of home. 

CG: Tell us about your life with horses. 

AK: We moved to New Mexico when I was three. My mom, she was a single mom, and I moved close to this horse ranch. She needed a job so she went to this horse ranch and they asked, “do you know how to saddle horses?” My mom at the time lied, she said, “oh yeah, I know how to saddle horses.” Not knowing anything about them. She ended up working at this horse ranch and those are my first memories of being around horses. 

We have three horses right now. Currently, my husband does not get to ride with me as much as we hoped. He just does not have the time with our little one, she is only two. So if I am going to go out and ride, my husband is usually home with her. She is finally now able to sit in the saddle by herself and hold on. I tell people I had a daughter so I could have a riding partner for the rest of my life. You can not get her out of the saddle. We do a lot of circles in the arena, I get my steps in walking her.

CG: What makes you a cowgirl and what does cowgirl mean to you?

AK: The cowgirls that are there and the cowboys [at the New Mexico ranch], they were either working cows or packing mules up the mountains, but for me, cowgirl turned into more of something in your heart. When I ride, there is something about horses that really centers me. They have given me a strength that I could have only gotten from working with my horses. I have one horse that has tested my patience in a way I never knew could be tested. But it has also built so much strength within me. But lately, being a cowgirl has meant being a mom and saddling up horses for a little three year old and doing pony rides. 

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“Healing When I Ride” Video – World Premiere

CG: What inspired you to write this specific song?

AK: When I wrote this song with my mom, people attach it to her story. Because she has cancer and she spent her time with them as her form of healing. But for me, healing when I ride was when things aren’t going my way and I am confused, my horses center me to where I feel at peace. For everyone who rides, no matter if you are in the show world or on a working ranch, there is just something that happens when you are able to ride. It brings healing. There is that quote that comes back to me, “There is something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man.” And you feel that. We wrote this song for cowgirls and cowboys all over, whether you are going through a tough time, there is something to be said about there is healing when you ride. 

CG: Tell me a little about the video and the process of creation. 

AK: Clayton, the man in the video, is a champion bronc rider. He is a horse trainer now in southern California and when I was thinking of who I wanted in the video, he has really lived the cowboy life. I wanted it to be authentic and people to be able to attach themselves, whether it be men or women. When I asked him, he agreed and he was so incredible. 

CG: Tell us a little about the horses in the video and the challenges that come with horses?

AK: Anytime you are using horses in a video, it can be challenging. Clayton used one of the horses he trained and the horses were pretty well behaved. There were not many challenges, they did exactly what we needed them to do. They were not spooky with the cameras or lights, so they were all really good. 

I wanted more riding time when we were shooting and my mare was not quite cooperating. She just did not want to be ridden that day, she was in a mood. We ended up changing the direction of the video and I ended up getting off her and letting her graze in the grass. My vision had to change a little. 

My mom, I really wanted her in the video, but she was pretty sick that day. She got up there and the horse she is on in the video is actually who we wrote the song about. He is a champion cutting horse, he is almost 25 years old. He is a lifetime horse. You only get one of those horses that has so much try and he will give you whatever you need from him. He has so much heart. I am very happy they were both able to be in the video.

“Healing When I Ride” and more from Amanda Kate are available wherever you listen to music.