Sometimes it’s just easier to go to a fast food joint or out to dinner during the week when we’re super busy with life, work and taming to our furry horses, but eating out consistently can start to take a toll on our health (and waistlines). If you and your family have been stuck in an eating out rut, here’s a few easy ways snap out of it! Check out these healthy home-cooked weeknight meals that will save you money and calories! Not only are these meals good for you, but they’re hearty enough to feed the hungriest little cowboys and cowgirls around town.

Cheddar Garlic Grits With Fried Egg

Photo and recipe courtesy of Buns In My Oven

When made the classic way, grits may not be the healthiest of dishes, but made this way (water instead of milk, omit the butter, watch the cheese), they’re less fatty and healthier for you. If you’re seriously craving some southern cooking then try this one out!Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner, anyway? Get the recipe here.