PC: CBC - Amy & Ty……

While Amy Fleming is more of the equestrian in the TV series, Heartland, Ty Borden has also been known to jump on a horse or two. I guess you can’t expect to be married to a horse trainer and not ever ride. Unlike Amber Marshall, who plays Amy, Graham Wardle hadn’t ridden before the show. In order to play his character, he had to take a few lessons and learn quickly!

It seems he gets a lot of help from the other riders on set though. Graham shares, “I had my first riding lesson days before the first day of filming. I was wearing what I thought would be the perfect outfit, shorts and running shoes. The costume department was generous and wise enough to send some riding boots along for me. Those helped quite a bit. I always ride in pants now. I picked up lots of tips from watching Amber and the other wranglers on set.”

Heartland actually made him a bit of a horse lover. Graham mentions how much he enjoys their presence and how majestic they are. Before working on the show, he didn’t pay much attention to animals. That has since changed!

PC: CBC – Sugarfoot & Ty

When asked about his favorite horse on set, he has a quick answer- Sugarfoot! As far as favorite rideable horse… he comments, “There was a horse that I rode a few seasons ago, I can’t remember his name. I remember him being so fast, and so like an athlete. I could tell, as soon as I got on the horse … this guy is like a Lamborghini, compared to these other horses.”

Even Graham is unable to resist the charm of horses! It appears every time he’s on set, he gets a little closer to them.