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Get An Insider’s Look At Heartland’s Ranch


Get An Insider’s Look At Heartland’s Ranch Tour the cabin and horse barn from the famous series.

Heartland's ranch

The cast of Heartland standing outside of the beloved ranch that’s featured in the show.

The picturesque set of Heartland is one worth visiting! If you’re like me, then you’ve come to love the ranch nearly as much as the show. From the quaint cabin to the well-crafted horse stalls, it’s the perfect place for a cowgirl and her horse. The show is actually filmed in a few different locations, but here’s some tidbits on the ranch commonly seen.

Located in Alberta, Canada, the famous house and barn from Heartland has quite the history! Roy Foster came to the land with his parents and brothers in 1928. At that time, they raised White Faced Hereford cattle. Foster lived there through the 1940’s. His brother Les Foster built the famous barn seen on the show.

While a lot of the episodes are filmed at the ranch, the series also travels to the town of High River, a dude ranch, and a studio in Calgary. Tourists can actually visit Maggie’s Diner, Tack and Feed in High River. You won’t find any food or horse supplies there, but you can take a peak at the set.

Now, here’s your chance to tour the set with Amy and Ty from the series!

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