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There is no doubt that Heartland is one of the most popular drama series among horse lovers today! Since Season 15 concluded in December last year, fans have been waiting impatiently to hear news of what’s in store next. Thankfully, due to the show’s popularity, the chances for another season are very high!

While Season 16 doesn’t have a release date yet, there are rumors swirling that filming is set to being May 24, 2022. CBC is yet to confirm the news, but we can study the pattern of previous announcements.

The last episode of Heartland Season 14 aired on March 21, 2021, and the new season was confirmed just three months later on June 2. If CBC follows that example, we should hear some news soon! If an announcement is made in the next few weeks, the earliest we can expect to see the new episodes is September, as the production of a season usually takes six months.

What’s to come in the new season?

In Season 15, the Fleming-Bartlett clan finally makes peace with Ty’s death. Amy has dealt with his killer in person and is now ready to start a new chapter of her life.

Season 16 holds the promise of new beginnings for many of the characters. Lou and Peter are officially together again, and it will be exciting to see how they move forward as a reunited family!

Lyndy has started kindergarten, so we look forward to seeing her new friends and adventures. The horse therapy center should also be among the highlights of the next season, with Amy as the head of operations and Logan as a permanent assistant.

A burning question is, will Amy have a new love interest? She was not yet considering a new partner in Season 15, she certainly seems to be more open to the idea. Fans are also keen for Georgie and Quinn to tie the knot if she is to return to the show. Fingers crossed her absence last season was only temporary and we will see Alisha Newton again.

One reason the show resonates with so many is its signature quotes, full of wisdom and inspiration. Do these lines resonate with you?