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Heavy Metal Bold designs with a sense of tradition define this silversmith's work.

Joshua Bingham Silversmith Metal Cowgirl Magazine

New Mexico silversmith Joshua Bingham is a 3rd generation craftsman. Rich in New Mexico’s Ranch and Western heritage, his attention to detail and unique perspectives are the cornerstones of his individualism and creativity. Quality comes from many hours searching for the very best American and high grade stones. Joshua’s process from start to finish is one of extreme focus and passion.

Hachita & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Joshua Bingham Cowgirl Magazine

Hachita & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, $1,150;

Barbed Wire & Red Brass Wave Cuff Joshua Bingham Cowgirl Magazine

Barbed Wire & Red Brass Wave Cuff, $825;

Beauty & Searchlight Turquoise Cuff Joshua Bingham Cowgirl Magazine

Beauty & Searchlight Turquoise Cuff, $1,150;


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