The popular equestrian company Hobby Horse has some new, trendy designs that no cowgirl should miss out on!

“Even Cinderella needed help getting dressed for a special occasion – here are suggestions from the experts at Hobby Horse for show ring presentation. Always review the association rules for the shows or breed you compete in, and try to observe your competition before you invest in show apparel. The show ring is a traditional place, but there’s always room for a new look, as long as it’s legal and in good taste. Have fun and good luck!” -Hobby Horse Inc.

Click here to see their show colors suggestion chart!

Get a little wild with this cheetah print!

Forever in love with fringe!

Just say yes to succulents!

Elegance is key.

You have your style covered in the show ring, but what about casual wear? Take a look at these NFR worthy graphic tees!