“Athletic, Fun, Casual, Functional, Easy, these are the types of clothes I wanted to create for everyday riding.  They had to move well with the body, wick away moisture, breathe and ventilate, clean easy and be comfortable.  They also needed to be fun and interesting, so I sought out patterns I would wear (hoping that other people might like them too!) to get me out of my solid navy rut.  I’ve tested this first collection and loved wearing the shirts.  Not only have I ridden in them, but I went for a run, had lunch and did errands (not all in the same day or order) while feeling comfortable and stylish.  And, I just threw them in the laundry with everything else and then hung them on the rack to dry, so easy.

Her Riding Habit was started by me, Molly McGinness, as a blog about women who ride and their typical riding habits.  You can still find those posts in the Profiles section and more profiles are always being added.  I wanted to expand Her Riding Habit by designing a line of shirts meant for casual riding.  The first Collection is a result of tons of research, patterns, prototypes and basically stepping out of my comfort zone to get it done.  I’m really happy with it and plan to offer future shirt collections with different prints and other riding apparel.

“I always loved the idea of an office cat, lazily sleeping on a pile of papers, acting as a furry paper weight.  Independently deciding their schedule, not caring if I came or went as long as there was some food and water.  Instead, I have an office dog, Bowie, a needy boxer wanting constant companionship.  He gives me disappointed stares when I’m working at my desk too long.  He hopefully hops up every time I move from desk chair to the more creative counter where fabrics and samples are spread out, above and away from his curious nose and destructive paws.  Since I never feel there is enough time in the day, I tend to work through lunch and rarely take breaks with a “don’t bother me” attitude.  Bowie has been good for my health in that he makes me take breaks.  He needs a few quick walks outside during the day and definitely a longer lunch time, so I benefit from the fresh air and muscle movement.  He also alerts me to the multiple delivery guys/ladies throughout the day.  I’m slightly obsessed with capturing his every expression.

“Unfortunately Andy can’t hang out in the office, but he provides such a key role for Her Riding Habit.  I make time to ride Andy just about every day.  Being at the barn and running into other ladies who ride is always inspirational.  The daily exercise I get from riding keeps me fit and helps to counter balance all the sitting I do at my desk.  Most importantly, when I’m riding I have to totally focus.  There is no multi-tasking while in the saddle (not for me.)  I can’t even be bothered with the distractions of a phone.  The crucial mental break this gives me improves my well being in so many ways.  Even when I don’t feel like I have time for a ride, I go and regret nothing.” -Her Riding Habit

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