Cowgirl - Herbs

Cowgirl - Herbs

Herbs may be an excellent solution to your horse’s needs. Sometimes, supplementation is necessary to keep horses feeling and looking their best. There are plenty of healthy alternatives that are natural and affordable. You should slowly introduce any new addition to your horse’s meals. Keep a lookout for reactions and consult a veterinarian when needed. You’ll be noticing results in as little as one month.

Top Five Herbs to Consider!

1) Spirulina: Effective at treating allergies, especially in the respiratory system. It can also help with skin allergies or irritations.

2) Raspberry Leaves: Treats moodiness in mares. It aids in settling the hormones of anxious, cranky, or aggressive horses.

3) Devils Claw: An all-natural alternative to Bute. This herb is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

4) Licorice Root: Promotes the healing and treatment of gastric ulcers.

5) Ginseng: This herb will boost your horse’s performance, while reducing fatigue. It also stimulates the immune system.

Herbs can be fed fresh or dry. Fresh plants are usually favored by horses, but can be tricky to find especially during certain months of the year. Dried herbs are found year-round which makes them easier to use as a supplement. They can be soaked in water for a few minutes and mashed into your horse’s grain. Research the specific herb to find the correct dosage and feeding directions.

Many horse owners are striving to provide their horses with healthy alternatives to synthetics supplements and steroids. You may find the perfect herb that your horse needs with a little research!