Some mares can become difficult to work with when they come into heat. The changes they’re experiencing can make them cranky and uncomfortable. There are natural ways to balance your horse’s hormones though! Within a month or two, herbs can ease her symptoms and make her a whole lot more pleasant. It’s worth a try!

Herbal Solutions for Your Mare

Chaste Tree Berry: This herb regulates the pituitary gland, which can be helpful in balancing hormones. It’s recommended to begin it in the spring and one to two months before her regular cycle.

Red Raspberry: The leaves of this herb strengthen the uterus and pelvic region. It’s also very calming! Some will use it to increase fertility and to support pregnant mares.

Chamomile: This special one soothes your mare’s nerves and calms her. With one tablespoon given daily, your horse may experience less discomfort. It can also encourage her to come into heat.

European Angelica: Balance your mare’s irregular heats and discomfort with this herb. It even relieves muscle cramps by strengthen the circulatory system.

Motherwort: Encourage a calmer, less hormonal mare with this one. It balances her seasonal PMS and strengthens her circulatory system.

Always consult a veterinarian before giving herbs to your horse! Products like Mare Mood work well for those that want a natural blend of herbs. It contains kelp, red raspberry, slippery elm, white willow, and dandelion, which supports natural progesterone and testosterone levels.

Mare Magic, which consists of raspberry leaf, is another supplement that encourages a calmer horse. It also supports a healthy reproductive system.

Don’t give up on your mare! With some natural support, she may be back to her pleasant self.