Turquoise Fever, airs on INSP Wednesday nights at 9PM ET.
Turquoise Fever, airs on INSP Wednesday nights at 9PM ET.……

All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes the bling is blue. We’re talking turquoise, the dazzling stone associated with America’s West. What cowgirl doesn’t like to adorn herself with an intricately designed necklace, belt, pendant or pin, or to show off her horse in a bridle accented with the eye-catching blue stones?

Whether wrapped around your wrist or decorating the cantle of your saddle, those iconic stones started out as rock. Now you can step right into the mining experience with the turquoise mining family, the Ottesons, and see how hunks of stone turn into gemstones worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

In the new docuseries, Turquoise Fever, airing on INSP Wednesday nights at 9PM ET, you’ll meet Donna, Tommy, Tony, Danny and their extended family, who for 60 years and three generations, have been staking claims around Tonopah, Nevada, and unearthing some of the most valuable turquoise in the world—often worth more than gold.

Yes, there will be explosions, drama, danger, tears, tense business deals, laughter, and the love of a tight-knit family who risk their lives daily to find the motherlode of precious turquoise.

Watch Turquoise Fever, Wednesday nights at 9PM ET on INSP starting August 14th.